5 TOP Avatar-as-a-Service Platforms in 2024

What is Avatar-as-a-Service (AaaS)?

AaaS is an innovative solution that offers non-expertized users the ability to create video and 3D avatars, and easily integrate them across multiple applications and platforms. These avatars can be personalized to represent individuals or businesses and used for different purposes including gaming, virtual meetings, online communities, and other virtual reality experiences.


RAVATAR – a new-generation visionary project by Cyber Leo that encompasses the latest advancements in the fields of Conversational AI and Generative AI, heralding a new era of digital human technology. With an emphasis on multi-platform integrability, including help-desks and holoboxes for immersive experiences, this project aims to revolutionize technology-driven interactions. By offering real-time, 3D conversational avatars, RAVATAR transforms online presence, boosts user engagement, and streamlines operational processes.

Such advanced AI-powered avatars can represent both real people and fictional figures within virtual environments, closely resembling human appearance and behavior by capturing even the most subtle mimic expressions and gestures. Leveraging natural language processing, real-time conversational capabilities, and speech generation, these digital entities can partake in dynamic dialogues by recognizing, understanding, and responding to human queries with uncannily natural flow. And their in-built multi-language capabilities ensure inclusivity and accessibility across diverse global audiences.

In contrast to widely-spread web-based services for generating AI avatars on users’ own, RAVATAR offers a comprehensive service that guides users throughout the whole process of digital personality creation, customization, and integration into the desired platforms and information systems, including the ability for on-premise deployment. This hands-on approach, combined with the use of professional-grade equipment for capturing customers’ facial features and expressions, ensures real-time avatars of unmatched quality and detail, far exceeding what ordinary device built-in cameras can achieve.

This way, RAVATAR delivers intelligent, lifelike digital representations capable of serving in diverse roles – be it as a customer service agent, a brand ambassador, a virtual influencer, a memorialization of a loved one, or an innovative personal assistant. Equipped with 3D visualization and real-time interactivity, these AI-powered avatars set a new standard for digital interaction and presence. Their versatility enhances various environments and scenarios across numerous industries, signaling the dawn of immersive digital engagement.


Aura is a product of Atom Universe, a cross-platform virtual world for social interaction, creative expression and virtual events. To facilitate user onboarding, they developed an easy way to create a personalized avatar by performing a 3D scan of their face by means of one’s smartphone.

Rather than burdening publishers with developing their own avatar systems, Aura provides a comprehensive solution, enabling them to focus on enhancing their interactive content while leaving avatar personalization to professionals. This service includes a vast pool of existing avatars contributed by registered users, offering a diverse range of options for new customers to select from, leading to higher engagement and customization.

Additionally, Aura goes beyond avatar creation by offering a retail platform for publishers to generate revenue from their avatar systems, incentivizing adoption and making it a win-win solution for both publishers and users in the 3D experience industry.

Hour One

Hour One – a solution that offers the possibility to create synthetic humans based on real faces. It lets users record themselves speaking or type a text to be pronounced, and then combines this speech with one of its many rented faces. As a result, It turns your words into an AI-generated human-like avatar that can speak multiple languages and act within different scenarios. This technology is well-suited for training, reception, sales service, and even information kiosks.

For character creation, a high-resolution 4K camera is used to film a person talking and making different facial expressions in front of a green screen, which ensures high-quality textures rendering and motion resemblance. Herewith, users have the option to provide their own face for a character to “rent” and get small payments each time someone chooses their facial image.


The Synthesia project is focused on creating realistic-looking AI-driven characters with synthetic voices that can star in pre-recorded or live videos, narrating the text a user provided in one of the 120 supported languages. They define their goal as delivering more personalized digital marketing and training experiences while reducing the costs typically associated with video production.

With Synthesia, you can create your own high-quality custom video AI avatar that mirrors your appearance, mimics your expressions, and even replicates your voice. Moreover, the platform offers a diverse pool of featured avatars with different appearances, races, ages, and professional outfits – from nurses and cooks to engineers and clerks. These digital personalities are trained on real actors, who receive payment for every video generated with their image and voice.

Also, Synthesia provides a range of customization options, including attire, hairstyle, and facial expressions, allowing users to tailor the avatars to their preferences. And in addition, it offers a stock of pre-configured video templates, empowering users to create films that align with their brand’s aesthetic and message.


NEXR is a 3D avatar creation service that specializes in crafting ready-to-use full-body avatars. The process starts with lightweight 3D body scanning to gather the necessary appearance data, after which the created avatar “draft” is automatically uploaded to a special AvatarCloud storage for being further processed by the company’s skilled artists.

The level of realism of the NEXR avatars varies depending on their intended purpose. The “basic user avatars” are quite simple yet realistic rendered digital representations (endowed with generic animation and movement) that can be quickly created and used for mobile devices and applications, particularly shopping ones. Building “medium-quality avatars” imply completion of the initial digital copy by the company’s character designers. Such virtual counterparts are applicable for motion capture, virtual events, and shows, as well as for games and music videos. And finally the “high-quality avatars” are designed by character artists after multiple 3D-scanning of a recreated person to achieve a perfect replication. This avatar type includes a facial rig, custom blendshapes, high-quality shading and texture details, and finds application in AAA games, films, and TV productions.


Avatar as a Service (AaaS) is a promising solution that brings convenience and accessibility to avatar creation for users. By providing a centralized service, it offers extensive customization options and cross-platform integration.

AaaS services can be employed not just in gaming but in other “more serious” industries like marketing, performances, e-commerce, education, and virtual events, offering versatile opportunities for enhanced communication, branding, and user engagement in a digital realm.

As the technology and market evolve, Avatar-as-a-Service is gradually becoming a staple feature in the digital landscape, catering to a wide range of users across different industries and applications.

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